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Things you should have with you:- for performing agnihotra
Homa kunda, Cow dung cake, Cows Ghee (liquid), Unbroken raw rice, Watch and Local Sunrise / Sunset timings.

1) Sit facing the direction of Sunrise / Sunset at least 8 to 10 minutes before the Sunrise / Sunset time.
2) Break the cow dung cake in to small pieces.
3) Put one piece of cow dung cake at the bottom of the homa kunda and put some cow’s ghee on to it.
4) Arrange pieces of cow dung cake one above the other such that there is ventilation and an opening at the center. 
5) Dip a small piece of cow dung cake in liquid ghee.
6) Few minutes before the Sunrise / Sunset, light the cow dung piece( soaked in ghee) with a matchstick and put it in the opening of the cow dung pieces with in the homa kunda. (The time required for fully blazed flame takes 3 to 5 minutes and depends on the dryness of the cow dung cake, humidity and temperature of the atmosphere.) 
7) Take two pinches of raw rice and mix the grains with few drops of ghee divide them in to two parts. Wait for the precise local Sunrise / set time
8) At the precise local Sunrise / Sunset time, start chanting the mantra and put one part of the ghee mixed rice at the first swaha of the matra and the second part of the ghee mixed rice at the 2nd swaha of the mantra. 
9) Silently sit in front of the fully blazed fire, remembering your Gods and Gurus. 

Sunrise mantra:- 
Suryaya Swaha. Suryaya Idam Namama.
Prajapataye Swaha. Prajapataye Idam Namama

Sunset mantra:-
Agnaye Swaha. Agnaye Idam Namama.
Prajapataye Swaha. Prajapataye Idam Namama