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What is a pyramid?

 Pyramid is a mechanical structure or an object made out of four triangular faces and  having a square base. When such a structure is constructed to the scale, and to the exact proportions, to that of Giza pyramid of Egypt, then that structure works as a powerful tool, which can concentrate cosmic energy with in the pyramid. This energy can be utilized for many applications and for the well being of the self and the humanity.

 The pyramid can be skeletal, hollow or solid with or without cavities. Pyramid made out of natural materials like wood, paper, stone, etc are recommended. Metals, plastics and concrete, generally reduce the efficiency of the pyramid. Pyramid should be oriented (aligned) correctly with one of its face facing the geo-magnetic north and the base to be kept horizontally. If you don’t have a magnetic compass, align one of the faces of the pyramid towards the rising sun (east). 


Experiments you can do with pyramid.   

1.      Select three small tomatoes, which are fully ripened and identical in all possible respects (with human limitations). Keep one of the tomato in a plate away from the pyramid, the other tomato within the pyramid .The third tomato can be kept in the refrigerator  (tomato to be kept at 1/3 vertical height from the base and one of the face of the pyramid to face the magnetic north and the object should be at least 40 times smaller than the volume of the pyramid). If possible keep the pyramid with the tomato, open to sky. As the time progresses, the tomato kept in the plate start decaying which you can through.  The tomato in the refrigerator also starts decaying in 15 to 20 days. But the tomato kept in the pyramid will not decay and will start shrinking and drying with the time. Refer the photo of 12 years old tomato. The author had kept a tomato in 1989 in the pyramid and is preserved till date with out getting spoilt 

2.      If you have a dead battery, check the voltage and ascertain that the battery is really dead. Keep the battery at 1/3 height from the base in the pyramid. let the axis of the battery (longer side of the battery)  be parallel to the  geomagnetic north south. Depending on the volume of the battery and the pyramid ,it may take few days to few weeks. You will be surprised to see that the battery will be recharged and a transistor or such a thing will work for a few more months. You can also cross check the voltage.

3.      Take a kirlion photography of your index finger.  Now sit below a pyramid (big pyramid - like 6.5 feet vertical height) for about 30 minutes and again take the kirlion photography of your index finger. Check your aura, you will be surprised to see, that the, strength of your aura will be doubled (generally).      

4.      You may keep your shaving blade, after shaving, everyday in the pyramid and notice that there will not be any corrosion and the sharpness of the blade will be retained for many more months.

5.      Take two glasses of water. Keep one glass of water in the pyramid while the other glass of water is kept outside (keep it for 8 to 10 hours). Taste the water within the pyramid and outside the pyramid. See the difference in taste.

6.      Keep some water in the pyramid and energies it. Take few healthy seeds and two pots filled with manured soil. Mark one of the pot with letter “O” and the other pot with “P”. Keep them side by side taking care to see that all the conditions are similar. Put the seeds in the pots. Water the pot “P” with  energized water, pot “O” with ordinary water and notice how rapidly the plant watered with  energized water grows compared to  the pot watered with ordinary water.  

7.      A powerful and circulating energy field around a Pyramid exists. You can see this with an experiment and see it for your self. Hold a Pendulum in your hand and slowly bring the Pendulum down on to the apex of a Pyramid (say from half a meter height).  At a particular height you will notice a force and the Pendulum starts rotating or swinging, depending on your sensitivity. The rotation could be very big and strong indicating the movement of energy around the Pyramid. 

Uses of pyramid:

1.      For any aches and pains of your body, keep a pyramid above it for some time and the pain subsides or goes.

2.      Keep a pyramid on your body for any problems or sickness or diseases, for a long time.  The concentrated cosmic energy will heal your body problems.

3.      Sit inside a big pyramid and meditate.  You can go to a deep state of meditation when you sit in side the pyramid and get benefited.

4.      If you are not getting sleep, hang a pyramid above your head and you will get good and deep sleep.

5.      Keep the milk in a pot / vessel and keep it in the pyramid for about 10 days. The milk, without getting spoilt, will become yogurt. This yogurt will be charged with the healthy energy, which makes the yogurt more healthy and tasty. 

6.       Keep vegetables / fruits below a pyramid (big) to retain the freshness of vegetables and fruits for a very long time, may be weeks. The vegetables / fruits will start drying out with out getting decayed. 

7.      Many a times, taking tablets and medicine becomes unavoidable. Keeping them below the pyramid (and meditating on the pyramid for few seconds a day) helps destroy the toxins and harmful chemicals in the medicine to a good extent. You can now take only the good of the tablets and medicines.

8.      Keep the fresh flowers in a pyramid and the freshness of the flowers are retained for very long time.

9.      Wish machine:-  write your desire, ambition, or a wish  in a sheet of paper and keep it in the pyramid at 1/3 height . Now standing or sitting in front of this pyramid  (you should face north if the desire is materialistic or east if the wish is spirituality) and meditate on  the pyramid and request the cosmic energy to help manifest the desire. (If you are a Reiki channel , beam the Reiki energy  to the  desire  through the pyramid . If you are Reiki channel – 3 refer my book on Reiki for better usage.) . You can also repeat it many times a day for better manifestation. When this is practiced for a period of time, there is a very strong possibility that the intention / desire / wish will come through. 

10.  For a student, it is good to keep the books with in the pyramid. This energy brings in harmony between the student and the subjects and they can do better with their studies. The student can also sit below a pyramid (at 20” x 20”size) and study, which helps the student to perform better.

11.  If you are tense, have wandering mind, disturbed mind, keeping the pyramid on your head or sitting or sleeping below a big pyramid helps you to become better.  

Video How to make a Pyramid ?

Method of Construction of a home made paper pyramid: -

 Materials and tools required 

 To construct a homemade paper pyramid, you need the following items: - 

1.      A 4 sized paper board,

2.      One foot scale,

3.      Compass,

4.      Pencil,

5.      Scissors,

6.      Glue.

Construction of a home made Pyramid (of size 6 cm- vertical height)

To construct a paper pyramid, you require three dimensions. Namely the vertical height (V), base (B) and slant height (  These follow a specific proportion in the ratio :-

                        V  : B  :    =           1   : 1.5708 :    1.4946 

    To construct a pyramid of vertical height 6 cm, say for example, calculate the proportions as per above ratio, to get 

        V  :  B  :   =   6 : 9.4248 : 8.9676 cm.

These dimensions can be rounded off to 6 : 9.5 : 9.0 cm. (the rounding up of the decimal points are allowed to some extent.  Small variations in the dimensions and the angles has very little effect on the efficiency of a homemade pyramid.

 Method: 1.

Select the center of page and mark it as “O” with “O” as the center and radius = slant height =9.0 cm draw a circle. Now mark a point A on the circumference of the circle. Measure the dimension of the base = 9.5 cm in a compass and with “A” as the center draw an arc cutting the circle at “B”. Now with “B” as the center, draw an arc cutting the circle at “C”. Now with “C” as the center, draw an arc cutting the circle at “D”. Now “D” as the center, draw an arc cutting the circle “E”. Now join AB, BC, CD, DE and join AO, BO, CO, DO and EO. Draw a line “FG” at a distance of 1 cm from “EO” now retain the area with ABCDEFGOA by cutting the paper with a scissors. Make creases on the lines AO, BO, CO, DO and EO. Apply glue to the area EFGOE and past it below the triangular face ABO such that the edges EO and AO coincides. You have now got a pyramid of vertical height of 6 cm and base of 9.5 cm’s. (Refer figure-2)

Method: 2.

            If the pyramid to be constructed is very big, for example say, 2 meters vertical height or more, the construction method 1 is very difficult to use. In this method 2 you will make four separate triangular faces and join them together, making the process of construction easy.  For the purpose of construction, take the same example of 6 cm vertical height pyramid.

            After calculate the ratio v : b : in the ratio of 1 : 1.5708 : 1.4946  for a 6 cm height pyramid, you get the ratio 6 : 9.5 : 9.0 cm (approximately). Draw a straight line ABC and measure AB=BC=9.5cm (base width).  Measure CD=9.0 cm with a compass and with “C” as the center draw an arc.  Now with “B” as the center draw one more arc intersecting the first arc at D. Join BCD and cut the triangle BCD. Similarly cut the rest of the 3 triangles DEB, ABC, and EAF. Keeping all the bases on the ground horizontally, fix the edges with an adhesive tape to form the pyramid. Refer figure-3.  

Note: - 

·        Do not keep the Pyramid on the house (if it is very big, say more than 3 meter base) or on the terrace. Do not make pyramid shape, a part of the house, as any thing in excess is bad. Exposure to good energy continuously for a long period of time is not advisable.    

·        There is no bad effect from a Pyramid ( in small sized pyramids ), even if you wrongly keep it or use it.

·        At the apex of the Pyramid (above the Pyramid) a strong field of energy exists and it may not be advisable to use that area (in case of very big pyramids).

·        Use the pyramid having volume at least 40 times more than the object’s volume kept in the pyramid.

·        For optimum results, always keep the object at 1/3rd of vertical height from the base of the Pyramid.

·        Check the negative energy you have for a health, industrial, financial or any other problem, and suitably use the pyramid for a specified time and the size of the pyramid. (Clairvoyants or pendulum dowsing can see the negative energy you have for a specific problem.)

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