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As the physical body has blood vessel’s carrying & conveying blood to every cell of the body, giving life to them, there is flow of energy (Prana /  Ki / Chi) along the imaginary lines on the body known as meridians.

                  There are 12 meridians on the body. These meridians are:

  1. Lung meridian
  2. Large intestine meridian
  3. Stomach meridian
  4. Spleen meridian
  5. Heart meridian
  6. Small Intestine meridian
  7. Urinary bladder meridian
  8. Kidney’s meridian
  9. Governor meridian
  10. Conception meridian
  11. Liver meridian
  12. Gall bladder meridian

 These meridians carry energy to their appropriate jurisdiction in the physical and metaphysical body. Due to many reasons, there could be acceleration or deceleration in the flow of the energy in a meridian, which manifest as some problems aliment in the physical body.

 There are some junctions like points, where meridians intersect and are known as acupoints. In SHIATSU MASSAGE some of the important points are stimulated by application of the pressure on the bare body & the flow of energy through these meridians are normalized. Once the flow of energy is normalized the ailments of the body is cured.